Trending Technologies in Web Development

Today we are living in an era where the technologies are changing rapidly. Revolution in technologies continuously setting up trends and tempting to the programmers and developers with the latest technologies. Developers and programmers are always excited and eager to know the most demanding frameworks and languages along with the new updates on software applications and web design.

 Here we are going to discuss trending technologies in web development and these technologies are dominating the web industries. If you are going to hire dedicated developers so they must be expertise in the relevant technologies and must be aware of all trending technologies.


 It is an open-source and cross-platform run-time environment for executing javascript codes. We often use node.js to build back-end services are known as API (Application Programming Interface). It is super important we can do so much with this. Obviously, we can use it on the server-side to write the applications with javascript but we also use it inbuilt tools and web packs. We use it in a lot of server solutions like AWS lambda where we can choose node.js as a language.

 Node.js is ideal for building highly-scalable, data-intensive and real-time back-end services that power client’s applications.

 Why node.js so special?

  • Great for agile development and prototyping
  • Use for building super fast and highly scalable services
  • Used in large companies such as; Paypal, Uber, Netflix, Walmart and so on.
  • Application built with node.js is faster with fewer lines of code and files and 2x request/sec. 
  • Faster response time

 So node.js is an excellent choice for building highly scalable services and will be in trend.

 Frontend Frameworks

 Frontend frameworks like Angular or React with a tool like Redux, router are super important. The majority of modern web applications are built with frontend frameworks. Not just web apps but also mobile apps using some hybrid approaches or tools like react native and desktop apps using electron all use such frameworks behind the scenes.

 So these frameworks certainly are super important now and in the future and will be in trend.

 Web Components

 In 2018 web components became more popular and most importantly browser support for them. This exciting technology allows you to create your custom HTML elements and you can droop these elements into any web application you are building into any user interface and you don’t need any framework. You can easily share your web components across projects. Web components built with tools like Stencil are highly reusable. Modern UI libraries like Ionic use Stencil to build web components and not rely on a single framework because this enhances the reusability, so definitely it will be a great trend for the future.

 Static web pages

 Creating websites as a static web page yields a lot of benefits regarding Search Engine optimization, speed of delivery, ease of hosting and so on, it is all because no Database management system exists here. Tools or technologies like gatsby js which is a static site generator using react js became more popular in 2018. Many big and top web development companies prefer to make static websites or web pages

  Progressive Web Apps

 Progressive web apps is an ongoing trend. It is heavily pushed by google but other companies like Apple added support for progressive weather features in their latest versions of Safari and IOS and that means we now can use progressive weather features on most important platforms, Android and IOS. The cool thing is that you can add these features to any project, it's not a framework you have to use, you don’t have to write a code or change code, you can just dump some of the progressive web app features into your existing application.


 Serverless is a real thing because it adds real benefits. Serverless does not mean that you are not using any servers, it means that you are not seeing the servers anymore. There are serverless services by every major cloud provider and new services are launched all the time. AWS launched new exciting services last year for enhancing their existing services and so did Microsoft Azure and the Google cloud firebase added to firebase cloud functions and enhanced their capabilities.

 AI/ Bots

 Earlier you have seen and using these amazing gadgets like; Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple and Cortana by Microsoft these are the great invention and examples of AI Artificial Intelligence or AI’s chatbots that helped to transformed social interaction and engagement in Business.

 Reasons, Why AI is super in trend and will remain in trend in the future for a long time-

  • Artificial Intelligence becomes easier to incorporate
  • Bots and AI-driven decision can improve most business models
  • Number of available services and pricing is improving
  • For a large amount of data (images, videos…) AI serves the best solution of the relevant problem automatically

 Keep an eye for more updated technologies that may help to improve the accessibility the in web and app development.