Stunning On-Demand Mobile App Ideas for Startups


In 2019, the demand for new app ideas is increasing. More and more developers are building lightweight, tech-savvy, faster app for easing human life and great purposes.

In 2017–18, there were around $197 billion mobile apps that have been downloaded, which will expand with the fastest growing with the amount of $352 billion by 2021. The era of complex and heavy apps are gone. Today businesses want simple mobile apps and new with an innovative app idea that can be deployed easily. Hence, the mindset of makers should be clear on how they’re going to build their next mobile app with a new app idea.

If you’re looking for new app ideas, no worries, here we have got a fantastic list of some new app ideas for your startups and SMEs to be considered in 2019-20.

  • Ease of Payments

In today’s world, both borrowers and lenders are connected in the digital world via technology. With the money lending app, users can perform financial transactions without including the bank or any other financial institutions.

  • Smart Contract

Today myriad of people go for web and mobile app developer services to save their funds, but how can you prevent a loss if you die without consent? You can build the platform for smart contracts that can handle user’s business funds during a crisis. This new app idea might allow you to transfer money and your savings to your family members in the event of illness or death.

3) Distribute Storage in the clouds

Today, people or businesses are the best level of storage for their digital data like files and folders to secure all the records. The new idea of application development based on the multi-chain blockchain technology that allows professionals to enter their database and records safely on a decentralized network. It is also useful for several government agencies because it allows them to access public records and their data from a remote place.

4) Digital Identity

It is really difficult to manage and maintain ownership and finance-related operations. In such a scenario, the unique platform built on web technology where you can keep your identity records safely. It simply reduces the need for the title search time and also improves transparency in real-world operations. The best example of blockchain for identity was a digital passport launched on Github in the year 2014 this could help a person identify themselves online.

5) Gift & Discounts Portals

There are many gifts portal that uses the traditional form of coupons and plastic tokens to send discounts and loyalty rewards to their customers. But, today, you could have a platform that allows businesses creating their own loyalty tokens and offer rewards to their customers.

6) IoT System

To use this platform you need to take your picture, now get it stamped with the option of public and private key to make it legitimate. After this, your digital passport is saved on the ledger, and you can access it by entering the Bitcoin address with a public IP as confirmed by the users. Isn’t it a great app idea for businesses looking to add more security options to their website? So, to turn your app idea into reality, you need to hire blockchain developers who are best in the industry.

7) Chain of Supply

Uber is the best platform to book cars and taxis on rent. But, what if they decide to pull out of a city? Maybe thousands of drivers become jobless and passengers will have no options to book cars and taxis on rent. If you wish to add a new app idea to your transportation business, that beat the Uber with their ride-sharing and car hiring platform that is entirely based on the Ethereum blockchain development. This is the platform where both riders and drivers are connected directly to earn the car ride tokens. Their network has seemed safe and reliable mode of transportation all over the world. So, what’s your view about this app idea?