Advantages of MS SQL


Microsoft SQL is a famous Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) created by Microsoft.its primary function is to retrieve and store the data as and when requested by other software applications. Administering a Microsoft SQL server database helps to optimize as well as maintain your server's efficiency with making sure its availability and recoverability. In this blog, we will consider the advantages and best practices combined with MS SQL.

Advantages of MS SQL

Installation is easy

A setup wizard can install it, and the updates are downloaded and detected by the installer automatically. The complication of installing the software is decreased significantly because of the automatic installation of lates updates. Other components, such as database services and analytical, can be installed separately afterward. The automatic update also minimizes maintenance costs.

Security Features Are excellent

SQL Server 2008 uses Policy-Based Management to find non-compliant security policies. This feature grants only authorized personnel access to the database. Security events and audits can be written automatically to log files.

Enhanced Performance

The MS SQL server has a built-in transparent data compression feature along with encryption. Users don't need to modify programs to encrypt the data. The MS SQL server has access control, coupled with efficient permission management tools. Further, it provides enhanced performance when it comes to data collection.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

SQL Server includes effective data management and data mining tools along with disk partitioning. Your server's optimum maintenance can be ensured by following effective data management practices. These practices also help you to make sure the availability and recoverability of data.

Efficiently Manage Your Log And Data Files

"AUTOGROW" must be enabled on your log and data files. Similarly, "AUTOSHRINK" needs to be turned off. It is recommended to create your data and log files with enough space to reduce the possibility of "AUTOGROW" events.