Properties of C# language

What is a C# programming language?

C# language is pronounced as C sharp language. It is the latest, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that is created by Microsoft within its .Net and initiative led by Andres Hejlsberg.

The C# programming language is a simple language to learn. It is based on the C and C++ languages.

If you have a fundamental knowledge of C++ and C  language, so you can quickly understand this language. Still, the syntax of C# language is extremely expressive, but again, it is also easy and straightforward to learn. Anyone can find the curly-brace syntax of C# easily who knows about the C, C++, or Java language.

Do you know the bright side of the C# language as compared to C++ and Java language? It makes easy many of the complexities of C++. It provides robust features such as delegates, enumerations,null-able value types,  lambda expressions, and direct memory access, which is not in Java.

Properties of C# language

Let's focus on the essential characteristics of c# language are:


There is no type-conversion so that data is not lost. That's why the developer can write secure code; besides, this C# language provides null-able and non-nullable types.

Easy and Modern

To build C#, Microsoft has only an aim to developers can learn quickly and can support the latest functionality.

If we see programming language history, we tend to find that every language has developed for a specific purpose to solve a particular need.

This programming language also supports business because we can create software for several platforms like android, ios,  and web or window.

Open Source and Fast

 C# language guided by Microsoft instead of this their open-source tools and project is available on GitHub. Because of this, c# is growing fast because of open source. There are many groups active for language betterment.

Evolution Of C# Programming Language.

Microsoft had created this language earlier only for windows applications. Still, after that, we started to use this language for the android, ios, and console. Simultaneously, C# began to be used with machine learning software.

Before going towards the advantage of C#, let's talk about the history of c# language;


In January 1999, Anders Hejlsberg made the team of developers to develop a new programming language. At that time, this new language was named cool. But because of trademark reason, Anders Hejlsberg replaced this language name Cool to C#.

Hejlsberg is a principal designer of C# in Microsoft company. Also, he made several languages like  Embarcadero Delphi, Turbo Pascal, and Visual J++. At that time, he told in an interview that Java Pascal and C++ languages don't have fundamentals of the Common Language Runtime. That's why we made the C# language.

If you see other programming languages, then correlate to them c# growing