How Much does it cost to develop a Job search App

In previous days when applicants had to see various offices with their resumes tucked in their hands with limited to no guarantee of whether it would ever cross the reception section.

In today's time, everything from hunting for a new job to applying for one and scheduling the interview happens on mobile. Mobile applications like, Indeed, etc. have made it a matter of several clicks to arrive at the inbox of the desired organization.

This comfort and ease that the job search application, domain offers have helped in not just developing an active market but have also become the cause behind the spiking interest coming in from startups looking to enter a cooperative profit sector.

The ripple effect of this request has been entrepreneurs inquiring answers to questions similar to How Much Does It Price To Develop a Job finder portable app? 


We plan to answer the question simultaneously with details of all factor that drives it in this report.

  • Job find App Market
  • Regarding Indeed App
  • Indeed App In some News
  • Must-Have Characteristics of a Job Portal App
  • The Designing Principles That Should Lead a Job Exploration Application
  • Technology Stack of a Job Search Application
  • How Much Does the Job Search App Development budget?
  • Difficulties Associated With Job Search App Development
  • How to make money on your job search application?
  • How to initiate your job search app victorious?

Job Search App Market

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs are willing and open to spending x amount in the name of the cost of job search app developing with less to zero resistance is the range of the market a job finder application runs.

The extent of the market that you just observed is dominated by a set type of candidates, who also form the user persona of the area. Let us see into that to provide you with a clear idea of who would make your efforts, and indeed, replicate app development cost will direct.


Ruling these candidates and the name behind the high market scope of the sector is True. The companies started in 2004, have taken several strides to become the go-to platform of job search domain across the globe.


The popularity of the domain is, in various methods, what has become the cause of why entrepreneurs look for an explanation of what is the cost to develop a job search app.


About Indeed App

Indeed is a complete job search mobile app. The app gives a comprehensive database of thousands of businesses while allowing the users to build their profile and apply for those jobs accurately through their mobile devices. 

Let us look at the statistics that highlight the business scope and the advantages of building an app like Indeed.

Indeed App In the News

One of the chief reasons why businesses spend so much amount in the creation and in estimating the Indeed similar job portal app, the development cost is the fame that it brings along with it. Indeed, it has nearly always been in the news for its assistance and the state that it allows. A few of those cases can see in: 

  • Indeed recently launched a hiring platform, which focuses on companies looking for better matchmaking amongst themselves and the technology experts. Known as Observed by Indeed, the new product base on their other product, Indeed Prime. The only difference is that it offers a more holistic view of tech talent.
  • At the beginning of this year, Indeed partnered with Goodwill Industries International to help over 1 million job seekers find work. The plans behind this partnership were to compare with organizations to host job events at the Goodwill areas and offer training to the employees on how to build an online resume and perform online job explorations.
  • Last year, Indeed hired a vast new space in Seattle with the hope of having at its expedited increase in the city.

Must-Have Characteristics of a Job Portal App

When you spend in the process of developing a job finder app like Indeed, you invest in three app versions – Recruiters, Users, and Admin dashboard.

Let's look at the features of what all app version requires – one you'll have to examine when you create job portal apps like Indeed.

Applicant Side of the App

  1. Sign up/Login

It is the first screen of the application that your applicants will interact with the user. They will give two options here – to either sign up or log in. Ideally, you should provide them with the opportunity to sign up or log in through email id or social media, to preserve the time they would take to begin the app.


  1. Profile Edit

This function of the app deals in the creation and editing of profiles. Here, your candidates will be able to access their details and set choices in terms of what they see for in their subsequent job.


  1. Upload Resume

This feature allows the candidate to upload their Resume on the application for the recruiters to view.


  1. Write Resume

In addition to giving the applicants ease to upload Resume right from the application, you should also provide them with the option to write the Resume inside the app, through the mode of question and answer forms.


  1. Job Filter

One of the primal functions that affect the job finder mobile app cost is Search and Filter. The search and filter option should make extensive and precise enough for applicants to get results of precisely.  


  1. Mail Resume

The one feature that can enhance your app engagement and session time to a vast extent in keeping applicants from opening multiple platforms to send across their Resume to the recruiter. The connection within email and app should be like the user doesn't have to leave a platform to address CV to the recruiter. 


  1. Job Alerts

It would be a push notification centric feature that would update the applicants when there is a job availability according to their set criteria. Like every well-strategized push notification strategy, here also you should take within plan the timing and the information you are conveying to the users.


  1. Save Job

By this functionality, you will make it possible for the candidates to save a job they like to utilize at a later stage, maybe when they are more prepared to use.


  1. View Employer Profile and Contact them

By this functionality, you should make it possible for the candidates to view companies' or job posters' profiles and get a holistic view of all the available jobs they have posted. Additionally, you can provide them with the utility to contact them from inside the application to query the opening or confirm if they have received the CV.

Recruiter Side of the App

  1. Registration

in the case of the applicant side of the application, recruiters would also be able to login to the app. And for them even, this would be the primary screen they interact with the user. The function of adding email login or social media would ease the process for them as well.


  1. Upload Job Opening

The next feature that should consider in the case of job application app development is uploading job opening on the app and their profile.


  1. Send Job Invitation

By this feature, the recruiters can send letters to the shortlisted candidates, notifying them of the next section of the process. To make it simple for them, you should correlate this with email, so that the invitation soon reaches the candidates' inbox.


  1. Filter for Resume

Recruiter's side of the application should give a Filter function to make it desirable for them to shortlist applicants who applied for the profile based on their set standards.  


  1. Download Resume

You should provide recruiters with the choice to download a resume they like inside the application and then preserve it on their device from inside the app. This function, specifically, will call for a native app, which in turn will increase Indeed like job portal app development.


  1. Make Payments

An essential part of monetization of a job application mobile app is recruiters making payment to the program for promoting them or hosting them as a trusted brand. What makes it simple is if you add the function of making payments within the application.


  1. Dashboard

Every recruiter should give a panel to manage their job openings post and view the interest they have received overtime in one place on their app. This functionality usually works best in case of the web application associated with mobile. 

Admin Side of the App

  1. Dashboard

One of the main features of the admin side of the application is the Dashboard. In the section of the app, an admin would be able to manage the recruiters, users, with the data of the candidates in a single place.


  1. Job Ad Management

The admin should be retained responsible for the management for all the third-party ads that run on the application.


  1. Recruiter and Applicants’ Profile

The admin of the application should give the functionality to edit candidates' and recruiters' profile, when necessary or asked. They should be able to manage what data posted about a company. Also, they should give access to check the genuineness of the posting and ensure that it is not breaking any community guidelines.


  1. Real-Time Analytics


The admin should give access to create, view, or modify reports highlighting the number of jobs posted, several requests received, how are users interacting with the app, the session time, part of the app where they are exiting the app, etc. 


  1. CMS

An essential feature that must be existing on the Admin side of the application is the CMS. Through this function, recruiters would be able to upload, edit, and or delete any content on the app.


  1. Review

All the individual feedback and surveys made on the application by the recruiters and applicants should send the admin for analysis and to work. So, there should be a part of the app where the feedbacks and reviews get collected.


The Designing Principles That Should Lead a Job Search Application

If you see at the Indeed app design, you will observe that there are many disputes in the process of creating a job application flow. First, the users make to manually fill in their data in the application's Resume section before applying for a job. Next, there are various instances where the app will redirect them to the job post's original website in the browser to repeat the complete application process.

What we suggest is enabling applicants to design their profile and resume inside the application, so that the job advertisements will be able to view all the information in the same format. Additionally, you should propose them to fill in the details once and not various times in case of many job postings.


What we like about Indeed application is how quick its Search functionality is. The function design in a way that its geo senses work to complete preciseness, making the process of Filtering and Searching and a quick and efficient one.


The next thing that works,  Indeed, is how simple it is to make a Resume on the application. The tool supervises new applicants or freshers in getting begun with the Resume making method, lowering the learning curve to a vast extent. 


Designing enhanced Than Indeed – Bring Tinder to Job Search

Millennials dominate the job sector, which has moved to apply for jobs through the mobile application. And if there is one thing millennials like, it is engagement and interactivity. One way to accomplish that is through a Tinder-like app.


When you bring the thrill and rush of matches to the scary process of the job hunt, the equations change, and your application becomes an obligation magnet.

Merging the powering cross-industry concepts like this can not just assist you in promoting your offering but also change the criteria while providing your user's ideas to engage with your application. 


Designing a separate from the set approved application that doesn't remain by the regular templates comes with an added cost that goes in the title of user interviews and research. So, if you, too, are preparing to take a different route to ensure high engagement on your application, it would be necessary to up your overall resources set aside for the Indeed like job portal app development.


Technology Stack of a Job Search Application

There are frameworks, multiple structures, and tools that come together to define.

While the selection of tech stack may differ from one app development firm to another and within the scope of the project, the ones that are typically selected are: 


Bandwidth and Twilio for push notifications, Nexmo for phone verification, PayPal for payment acceptance,  Datastax for management of data, AWS for cloud, and Hadoop or Spark for real-time analytics.


The decision of technology is an extra thing that serves to carry a significant impact on the cost of job search application development. The better tech stack you want, the higher would be the overall job search mobile app development cost breakdown.


How Much Does Job finding App Development Costs?

The job search app development, the cost would depend heavily on these factors:


  1. The chosen feature set

The feature set that you decide to go within the application will primarily affect the price of job finding application development. While the features that we have listed will be considerably less to develop and design, if you go with an enhanced set, it would automatically improve. For example, if you add gamification or voice/video call functionality in the app, the complete job portal app development, cost budget would rise.   


  1. The team quantity involved

Regularly, the team composition needed to create a job search application is consist of:–

  • Project Coordinator
  • Business Analyst
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Analyst

Now the more people you engage in each role, the higher would be the entire cost of job finding application development.


  1. The technology set

The variety of backend and frontend development frameworks and tools also carry a significant impact on the cost of job finder app development. A clear example of this can see in the case of Monolithic vs. Microservices. The cost of working throughout a Microservice framework is more costly than in the Monolith.  


Additionally, there are some languages like R or Go, whose developers are not simple to find, and thus, the cost of development automatically rises.


  1. The location of the agency

The next factor that carries a significant impact on the cost of application development is the area of the firm. While an app development company based outside of Eastern nations would charge less, the price that a western nation agency would quote. The difference can be as stark as $100 – $120 per hour in the west of nations to $40 – $80 per hour in eastern countries like India.


  1. Choice of platform

The choice of the platform also carries an unignorable impact on the job search app development. Typically, to begin with, you can both go with an Android app development company or spend in iPhone app development services, rely on whether your client base belongs, or can go with a cross-platform option. 


Later on, you should think of expanding onto the desktop version too.


Difficulties Associated With Job Search App Development

The development of a job exploration application that develops with very high concurrency doesn't come free of problems and issues. Understanding what those difficulties are, can give you a headstart in terms of what you’ll do when you encounter them.


Candidate Matching Algorithm

Mismatching of candidates is one of the most significant issues that stare at a job search application system. The problem most usually than not result in applicants being less or overqualified for a job, resulting in a useless effort from the company's end.


It usually comes across as an issue from the end of outdated search algorithms that run on SEO principles. 


The job-finding program of today is more likely towards cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The systems which develope on these technologies are a lot more precise and reliable.


Job Postings’ Reliability

The users of job posting sites like or Craigslist often complain about issues such as outdated job posts and spam. It happens either because of necessity on the side of the moderation team or when the recruiters get access to candidates' contact information, which they then use to spam them.  


The solution to this can be in the algorithm that checks the date of the job posting.

The company/person made, the post, and the rank of the post. It will also get done if you start charging fees for posting jobs.



How to gain money on your job finding application?

There are various methods to earn money on the job board application. Below, we've discussed some of the most famous job portal monetization policies –

  • Listing fees – here, the recruiter would pay for the time their job post display on the application.
  • Resume access fees – you can price businesses for getting access to a database containing resumes of thousands of job applicants and seekers.
  • Subscriptions – you can charge a subscription fee from recruiters, which they would spend in return for an endless job posting in a time frame.
  • Premium features – by this feature, you can charge the users for excellent services. For example, you can sell recruiters in return for giving them a place to advertise their app in front of the targeted user base, or you can charge job finders for protecting their Resume from being seen.

There is a lot more than creating an app accessible than knowing the job portal monetization strategies. Let's look at what a successful job search app should entail in the next section.


How to do your job finding the app successful?

It is making your take the place of the other top job finding apps in the market can call for a heightened level of discovery and feature additions. While top job search apps like Indeed have already covered all the prominent features that make an app great, some other features are worth reconsidering.  


In-app Communication

An in-app communication facility like messaging or video/voice calls should give to the applicants and recruiters. Through this, they can get in touch about their application on the same platform without going to various forms.


Multilingual Facility

App Localization is counted as one of the best practices for assuring high engagement in the app. The policy would work in your favor both when you resemble to enter a multilingual nation, and when you are preparing to make an occupancy across borders.


Interview Schedule

This one function can save the time of a company and recruiter that goes behind emailing and calling applicants to ask and then confirm their availability for a job meeting.


eLearning Lessons

Although not directly related to the application process and job search, offering eLearning lessons from inside the app on essential topics can help the applicants ace the interview and selection. It can even turn out to be a fantastic monetization strategy.


Document Management

Applicants should give the functionality to manage and store all their documents from a single function within the application. This method, they don't have to upload the documents all the time they apply for a job.


Now that you know everything that fits into deciding the job exploration app development, it is time to contact a mobile app development company that understands the method inside out and explains the vein of the business.