7 Ways a Tech Startup Is Like Starting a Band

Building a successful technology startup and putting together a band are more similar than most businesspeople and artists would like to admit. Truth is that both of them require many sleepless nights, hard work, self-induced poverty, and other significant losses. Startup, says Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot, "Each method that once entailed a songwriter or record label giving countless hours and dollars recording, producing and selling music is gone. It is now up to the expert to figure out what the next move is in the business."  

Succeeding in the music or the industry worlds can also bring several significant benefits. Becoming a successful businessperson can open up doors to new, more fulfilling projects and rewards. Moreover, you have more control over your future ventures and have a significant role in the success of any project you work.

Visualizing your technology startup as a band can help you get creative, and may even help catapult your business to success. Because of this, I have put together a list of 7 ways a technology startup is like putting a band collectively, so you can put on your inspirational hat and make your company more than just a one-hit-wonder. 

 1. Be honest with your skillset.

The first thing that needs to consider is that when beginning a band is the instrument you can play and what level. The very same can be said for technology startups. Tech now influences virtually every single part of society, so you need to consider the skills you have available and ascertain how you can use them to create the right item.

David Ellefson, the bassist from Megadeth, partner of Ellefson's Coffee and EMP design group, shared his learning practice forming and playing in rock bands, in which he said: 

"The idea of a rock band is marketing this dream of the ultimate creative journey and endless options. Things like giving up on time, knowing your purpose and considering the roles of others, marketing, disciplined practice &, promotion are as much part of the band experience as getting on stage and moving house each night.

I learned many years ago that simply because I was successful in music didn't qualify me to be a specialist in other fields, too. My successes came as a result of creating my desire and honing in on skills that came naturally to me. That led to relationships that opened entrances for my victory. We've all been blessed with specific talents, skills, and abilities, and having success usually lies with our passion enabling us to be the best we can be with those abilities in a picked field."

The big thing is that you don't only have to concentrate on your particular expertise. Each band member offers a relevant set of skills that add to the quality of the music. In this case, your company members are your startup team. Please take a look at what each member brings to the table and make sure you are applying them to their full potential.

 2. It would help if you were driven by desire.

Just because you like music doesn't mean making music appear, and in the words of Phil X, the guitar member of Bon Jovi, "There are no shortcuts. Once you have identified your enthusiasm, the next step is acquiring the skills to achieve your dream. It may seem tricky at first, but try to get imaginative and figure out a way to combine your talents and passions to build a profitable business.

If you are preparing to launch a technology startup, you should find something you are passionate about it. Not only this makes your work more comfortable, but you always find the motive to give your best, even on bad days. Further, you may find that working on something that you love to bring you happiness and work as more fuel when your tank is working low.

 3. Put together a stellar lineup.

If you were creating a band and you knew the best drummers and bass athletes in town, you would reach out and try to recover them, right? Well, the same thing goes for your technology startup. You should review all your choices and scour your contacts until you find the combination that best suits your vision.

Remember that putting together a killer lineup is not only about obtaining the best of the best. You also need to find a scale and make sure that the expertise you bring on board regards the whole team. If you have two great employees, but you think they won't work well together, you are better off choosing the one that works great with the rest of your company.

4. Practice makes perfect.

The most important aspect of having a band is frequently practising. Musicians already have a high level of skill, but that doesn't mean the band sounds good right off the bat. By practising together, you can make sure everyone is on the same page and organize your actions.

 In a startup, the equivalent of having band practice is working as a team.  Everyone learned the abilities needed to carry out their specific tasks independently; you also need to work as a company to make sure everyone is in sync.

An excellent way to do this is to give everyone individual tasks and also assign at least one common task a week. It gives you time to sit down with your team members, assess that everyone is on the same side, and clear the air if they are not.

 5. The network is the KEY.

Any successful musician tells you that the network is as essential as the quality of your song. Network with the right people can help you land gigs and get your music to the audiences, and make a name for urself by rubbing elbows with set industry giants.

 Reason, why I say that networking is the key to any technology startup, is that it's what enables you to Keep Expanding Yourself. Building connections with established technology companies and influencers can help you get your name out there and land significant contracts. Not only this, but you also be able to gain valuable insights from the people that already thrive in your enterprise.

6. Find your target audience.

Most companies already have a good idea of who their followers are, and they focus on getting gigs in venues that attract these fans. It makes their promotion easier and increases the chances of hosting a successful event. Not only this, to adapt to your audience changing needs and preferences, you must be ready to diversify wherever

it is necessary.

Although it is a bit more complicated, you should identify your startup's perfect clientele in the form of fictional buyer personas. It requires the right amount of market research, but it gives you essential data about your potential client base. You can create marketing campaigns that speak directly to your buyer through different channels they use the most, well as diversifying based on changes in customer demand.

 7. Use all available promotion channels.

It's no secret that the most famous bands are featured on the internet, radio, television, just about any other channel, you can imagine. Besides improving their collective egos, bands tend to take advantage of all promotional channels they have open because it guarantees it extend their reach as far as possible.

It would help if you also considered all the marketing channels you have available and take advantage of every single one of them. Now, if your startup is in its early stages, you may not be able to invest vast amounts into advertising. That being said, you can always get imaginative and use free selling channels such as social media platforms, blogs, and YouTube videos.

Finally ...

Starting a technology startup may not sound as exciting as being in a band, but they are more similar than you may think. Always remember a successful technology startup requires patience, much behind-the-scenes work, the capacity to adapt to change, and a well-organized team. Follow the suggestions outlined above to pave your way to success and enjoy the perks that come with it!