New Features of Azure Along with High Security Services

There are certain features which were kept in mind by Microsoft Technology Associates while its development that make Azure standalone from the crowd as we state them in the following points-

Azure has worked over data recovery and ways to quickly spring back data if things go wrong anyhow. While working with Azure the developer’s data is stacked securely in the data center of Microsoft. The recovery option is enabled just as one store’s data in Azure, not only one but two copies of the same data make their place in storage in the same data center so in case of data is unavailable due to some issue copies of data are accessed to reach the data.

Azure wraps the data with proper security. The data is encrypted through various mechanisms, predominant one among them is SSE which stands for Storage side Encryption which makes use of a 256 bit AES encryption. Web developers have the freedom to add security by applying disk encryption.

Another merit of Azure is its cheap pricing of subscriptions. Apart from being fast and easy to use its cheaper than other infrastructures in competition.

Security Feature AWS Azure Access Control —

To ensure the right security controls to be configured and monitored for all resources an organization deploys on Azure, Azure Security Center is introduced. It will provide more visibility and control over the security and safety of your resources without impeding agility allowing you to stay ahead of all cyber threats.

While these are a few highlighted advancements in Azure Cloud for IT/operations, many new features and demonstrations are being implemented for the users. For example Application Insights for analytics on ASP.NET applications, full-text search in SQL databases, etc. Thus, with its powerful capabilities, Azure is all set to become the most efficient and useful cloud platform.

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