Top Facts to Know About React Development

If you’re a coding Bootcamp grad or any developer looking to double-down on front-end skills, it can make a lot of sense to learn React. Here are 13 reasons why React.js is here to stay, why it’s taking the industry by storm, and why it makes sense to learn if you graduated from a coding Bootcamp or other educational program. 

But despite its popularity and desirability, there are several important facts about React development that not many novice or even seasoned React developers realize, and this article is here to explain them.

#1 React is not a framework

React pioneered the method of breaking apart a large complex user interface into small individual components. Components are a big part of how React works, so you need to understand them to truly understand the benefit of using a toolkit like React.

#2 React development and SEO go together

In traditional JavaScript applications, it can get complicated when you try to keep track of information. It sometimes feels like you need to litter information about the information that can change all throughout the application.

#3 Virtual DOM is faster than real DOM

Developers can also start small with React applications and test it out in a narrow aspect of an existing project. This is way better than completely re-writing all of the existing code.

#4 React has a strong community

Modern applications that have advanced user interfaces often use many different moving parts. 

With different variables set to different values, edge cases and problems can come up. 

React components are pure functional components. This means with the same input, they will produce the same output. React doesn’t rely on outside values that can change around.

Pure functions are typically always easy to understand. 

But Unpure functions can be one of two things:

  • Just a little bit more difficult to understand
  • If they rely on a lot of constantly-changing variables, they can be very difficult to understand.

#5 React is not just a fad

Top facts you need to know about React development. As you can see, React is a fascinating JavaScript library that makes it effortless to create interactive UIs and build encapsulated components that pass rich data and keep the state out of the DOM.

Just like JavaScript itself, React is easy to get started with but hard to master, which is why so many businesses hire professional React developers to help them transform their business ideas into full-fledged products.

#6 React makes it easy to get started using WebPack

Web pack is a pretty cool project, and using React is a nice intro to the power of WebPack. In short, WebPack is a “module bundler”, which seems like something that’s difficult to get excited about.