Why Xamarin is best for Android App Development?



Xamarin for Android Application Development :

Raise in android use is huge and in a few years, it will increase. Xamarin, the Latest cross-platform development software, enables developers to achieve Strong cross-platform app development easily and efficiently. Business owners and organizations across the world get various options of services when they choose  Xamarin for mobile application development for android.

How Does Xamarin is Useful for Android App Development?

The need for developing mobile apps increasing Very Fast, developers and Android App Development Companies are in the searching for the right technology to develop android apps quickly and efficiently, with offering users the most quick to response and good experience. And in the competition to provide quick and effectual solutions to customer through mobile apps that run across the major modern platforms, Xamarin becomes their best choice.

Xamarin allows developers to have single coding for several platforms. Code reusing is one major factor that makes Xamarin stay ahead of modern technologies. Android OS taking the world very fast in the recent years, developers need a strong tool to help them to develop mobile apps that run and perform well on several platforms while having an added weight on Android devices. Offering less development time and efficient application performance, Xamarin mobile application development for android provides all that developers are searching for.

Why is Xamarin is the Most Relevant for Android App Development?

Xamarin includes a precious style of the component store and native library support. Xamarin is the most preferred framework for covering all major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The features of .Net framework libraries have added advantages for the developer's point of view.

Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android –The  Advantage:

  • Codesharing: Xamarin permits to create Android apps with C# code so that can be shared with other platforms such as iOS and Windows. Code reusability is exceeded nearly to 80%, and sometimes even more.
  • Simplified and Quick Development: Code sharing being made simple across platforms and C# being the development language, developers are permitted to make use of various features. Xamarin offers benefits of native UI, thus enabling keeping the features of the native app development.
  • Component Store: The component store in Xamarin allows developers to add various components to apps directly from IDE – charts, UI controls, web service, cloud services, graphs, and beautiful themes can be added. Integrated with Xamarin Studio and Visual studio, adding components to apps is simple.
  • Xamarin Forms: Xamarin forms enable interface design for various platforms within the XAML-based framework. With over 40 controls and layouts mapped to the native controls on runtime, Xamarin forms are a useful source for developers.
  • Portable Class Libraries: By using portable class libraries, developers are empowered to write codes in libraries that may be shared across all devices using different operating systems. Creating their own app logic as portable class libraries enable developers to use it anywhere they want.

The Role of Xamarin in Future Mobile App Development

Developers can get the ability to create mobile apps with great styling power and novel layouts while using Xamarin. Xamarin is mostly found in large organizations for development that already use Microsoft technologies such as C#, ASPNET, and .NET. Using Xamarin for creating mobile apps is easier for them. For Android app development, Xamarin is a good startup point.

The following are the major advantage of Xamarin mobile application development for android, making it get more important in today as well as in the future:

  • Xamarin offers a real experience of native app: When Xamarin is select for the mobile app development software, developers are empowered to provide similar functionalities to mobile applications that are created on different platforms. Codes are being able to use with various platforms, Xamarin, the cross-platform app development software, assures that users get the real experience of native apps.
  • Demand for cross-platform app development: Time change technologies and user preferences. The ‘one app for all’  does not hold anymore; user's preferences and the mobile devices they use have changed. The need for developing supreme apps has been increasing very fast. That's why Xamarin mobile application development for android empowered developers to come up with cost-effective apps, due to reusable codes.
  • The C# Advantage: Xamarin allows C# as the coding language that allows a host of various benefits such as ease of learning and flexibility. All the benefits of Microsoft’s C# are available to developers while using Xamarin.
  • Native API Access can be Enjoyed: Developers, when choosing Xamarin for creating their Android apps, can access APIs, thus saving time. This enables launching Android apps into the market in a quick manner.
  • Writing Code Once and Running Anywhere: Android mobile apps built using Xamarin allows single code base combined with a supreme user interface and efficient native performance.
  • App Testing is Easier: Xamarin provides the mobile device test cloud and automation framework; there's no need for separate automation testing. Testing various mobile devices is made possible while important improvements can also be implemented.

Several benefits such as native API access, native user interfaces, and native performance, Cross-platform app development using Xamarin become the preferred one in today modern world.

Xamarin has been found to emerge as one of the powerful tools in recent years for cross-platform app development as it helps reach infinite smart devices regardless of platform. Apps created using Xamarin focus on making use of standard native user interface; they provide great user experience.

Easy sharing and collaboration, seamless API integration capability, cost efficiency, and rapid app development and code reusability are the factors that drive Xamarin ahead of all contemporary app development tools.