Advantage of ReactJS for Front-End Development

React JS is a JavaScript library built and managed by Facebook. According to the maker of React JS, Jordan Walke, React is a declarative, dynamic, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for creating fast, simple, and scalable front-ends of web applications.

 It’s easy to learn

React, compared to other popular front-end frameworks, is much easier to learn.the harder it is to learn a particular technology, it will take more time to begin the development process. And we, as human beings, often try to avoid things that are hard to learn. But, since React is an easy framework that is simple to learn and get started, businesses and big brands are more willing to use it.

It allows writing custom components

React has JSX, an optional syntax extension, which makes it possible to write your components. These components accept HTML quoting and also makes all subcomponent rendering a delightful experience for developers.

It uplifts developers’ productivity, Component reusability in React allows developers to redeploy the same digital objects. This approach provides better code maintenance and growth as each component in React has its internal logic, which is not difficult to manage and as a result, boosts the productivity of application development.

It offers fast rendering

When you're building a sophisticated, high-load app, it becomes essential to determine the structure of the app in the starting since it can affect the performance of the app.

In easy words, the DOM model is tree-structured. So, a small change at a higher level layer can affect the user interface of an application. To resolve this, Facebook has built a virtual DOM feature.


For an online business, search engine optimization is essential for success.

Thanks to the fast rendering, React, related to other frameworks, significantly reduces the page load time, which substantially helps businesses in securing the first rank on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Strong community support

Like Angular, React also has robust community support, which is one of the primary reasons to use React JS in your project.

Daily, a large number of individual React developers are contributing towards making React a better front-end framework. Not only that, but experts are also frequently uploading free React guides on Youtube and writing in-depth React tutorial blogs and articles on the internet.

better code stability

React follows downward data flow to make sure that the parent structure doesn't get affected by any changes made in child structure.

So, whenever a developer makes modifications in an object, he or she only needs to change its states and make proper changes. This way, only a particular component will be modified.

This data flow and structure, as a result, provide smooth performance and better code stability of the application.