Features of NopCommerce Platform

What Makes NopCommerce A better Choice For Ecommerce Platform? NopCommerce is a stable and customizable.Net-based open source e-commerce engine. It includes a wealth of features and services, which help in building robust e-commerce solutions. The shopping cart engine makes a high-end online store feature for the merchant. Moreover, this platform has traveled a long distance to keep up with the requirement of an e-commerce website's shopping cart. It's also the perfect ASP.net based customizable shopping cart with a robust backend database.

The layered architecture of the nopCommerce platform permit site elements to be added to the application dynamically during run-time. The platform is highly extendable, secure, and scalable. The administrative interface is quite simple for new admins.still, and it is strong enough for the e-commerce requirements with higher demands. The m-Commerce association grants the user to build the website's easy-to-use mobile version with one click.

Features of NopCommerce Platform:

Customizable Catalog

Discussing What Makes NopCommerce A better Choice For Ecommerce Platform? NopCommerce offers a highly customizable item catalog. No particular limits are assigned to various products or categories. The platform supports recurring items as well as virtual (Downloadable) and configurable (Product Variant)  along with bundled items out of the box.


The integration with mCommerce grants the creation of a store's mobile version with the help of one click. It's built on the latest HTML standards and works smoothly on web-enabled devices. Due to this, it offers the highest exposure to your stores on several platforms.

Multi-Store Experience

NopCommerce support to several stores/websites using one admin section. Also, it supports a user with the ability to restrict products, categories, and manufacturers per store. The user can also manage the blog, templates, page content,  and news for every store.

Higher Customization

Like we mentioned earlier, the platform is open-source. Any .Net developer having essential experience can quickly introduce and maintain small changes that are needed by various store owners. Also, there are multiple extensions available for the platform that allows store admins to offer new features and themes, among other things without requiring any programming. NopCommerce can be entirely customized.

Comprehensive Store Search

An Ecommerce Business store's success relies on the capability to quickly deliver interest-based products to the users during an in-store search. This platform does a robust job of cataloging all the attributes and products to be able to provide quick search results. Contact us if you are searching for e-commerce SEO services that will help to boost your business.