AngularJS Framework: Why Is It The supreme Of The Pack?


There was a time when users used to deal with broken links and unresponsive websites. But slowly, the tech world changed and entered the era of responsive, interactive, and creative websites. Web developers got relief when Google introduced AngularJS almost a decade ago with the vision of making the front-end development process a lot more simple and manageable.

There are several frameworks present in the market, most companies count on AngularJS development services. Besides its ability to create dynamic websites, find out the other reasons why AngularJS is so popular and highly used by web app developers:

  1. Ease of use:

AngularJS grants web application development experts to get some high-end, impressive features that allow building websites requiring fewer codes. AngularJS with its huge feature set makes development easier by minimizing the requirement to write code. For implementing data models, there is no need to write getters and setters. All these factors minimize the need for writing the code.

  1. Increase in community support:

It is a Google product so because of this AngularJS is supported by a wide range of AngularJS community on Google+ that contains expert and professional AngularJS developers. These developers are known for their ability to make enhancements and updates with the open-source framework. The community organizes conferences frequently and invites companies from all around the world in order to keep them known of the latest developments in the technology.

  1. The MVC Architecture:

MVC (Model View Controller) is used by AngularJS for web application development as it has the ability to string the application code together. It helps in saving the time used on developing web apps and reduces the application’s time to market.

  1. Two-sided data-binding:

The two-sided data binding function simply state that having an impact on the application whenever there is any change in the user interface and vice versa. AngularJS is a pro with this functionality. Whenever the AngularJS framework experiences module changes, browser events, and user actions, it completely updates the essential patterns.

  1. SPA-familiar features:

A single page application (SPA) is a web application that lays on a single page. All your code (JS, HTML, CSS) is retrieved with a single page load. And navigation between pages performed without refreshing the whole page. Its main goals are Single page application, No page refresh on page change, Different data on each page

  1. Ease of testing:

In AngularJS testing becomes very easy. It gets really easy to operate various, distinct parts of the app support into AngularJS. The Module Separation attribute allows developers to implement automated testing and load required services in an accessible manner.

  1. Client-side functioning:

AngularJS is known for its ability to function on the client-side, being compatible with a mobile browser and desktop. As there is no requirement for backend modifications, the framework can be used for any type of project. Hence, it can be safely used for creating the front end of an app.

  1. Modularity:

The main reason that AngularJS so popular is its modularity because, For a single app, AngularJS allows the developers to create a number of modules. Modular applications make it easy to plug and go as they allow the development teams to build vertical Data of the applications and roll out gradually. This state we can use new features as we create them.